Senior Project Manager / Founder
Founder and Principal of Windows Eng Consultants For over 8 years, he has led his practice with a passion for creative design solutions. HAMDAN received his professional degree from the University of United states School of Architecture. His education informed a deep interest in proportion, light, rhythm and material. His work focuses on architecture as the meaningful articulation and interaction of physical and spiritual elements. Design principles of proportion, scale and balance are rigorously explored according to specific requirements unique to each project. HAMDAN projects have earned consistent praise for their innovation and attention to the aspirations of their users. His portfolio of complex, highly visible, public and private buildings, has achieved recognition for design excellence across UAE . Windows Eng Consultants Architects has been the recipient of several City of UAE , Urban Design Awards and delivered award winning projects of all scales.

Academic Qualification

Master of Business Administration MBA “Saint Ambrose University USA 2004”.
Bsc of Architecture Engineer UAE University 1997.
Certified manager from institute of certified professional managers James Madison University USA
Primavera P6 Resource & Cost Analysis (level 2) – 3 years of Training program with “Stanley Consultant” a worldwide Architecture office.
Professional Project Management at Project International. CNIA Managers SAT Course.
Methods of disputes resolution and the impact of Implementation of FIDIC terms &condition.
Total Quality Management Fundamentals held in kingdom of Bahrain.


Chief Architect / Co-Founder
ATEF is principal and founder of Windows Eng Consultants and a Certified Architect by the UAE authorities in UAE and TUNISIA . Prior to launching his architectural practice in 2012, ATEF acted as Project Architect for six years at various architectural firms At Tunisia and UAE.Experience managing collaborative and integrated design processes, has provided ATEF with a foundation of expertise and clarity of judgment that is suited to demanding, high performance buildings. 2012 , building the foundation of expertise in Windows Eng Consultants UAE. ATEF practice includes both design and expert consulting for projects. Throughout his career, ATEF has been involved with numerous residential, commercial and institutional projects within the UAE. ATEF is adept at; Architectural Design, Architectural Drawings, Building Design, Custom Homes, Deck Design, Drafting, Energy-Efficient Homes, Floor Plans, Barrier Free Design, Home Additions, Home Extensions, Home Remodelling, New Home Construction, Space Planning, Sustainable Design, and Universal Design. ATEF is the principal designer of her own firm and a contract employee to Thomson, Architecture

Academic Qualification

Ecole Nationale d’Architecture d’urbanisme Sidi Boussaid, Tunisia.
Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.).
2007 English Professional Certificate at Muhandis Workshop, Tunisia.
2006 Architect Government Professional Certificate, Tunisia.
2005 Professional Training in Architecture at CERAPE, Tunisia.


Junior Architect


Civil Engineer


Principal Architect

Tunisian Architect With Multinational 9 years experience
Worked at several contries : Tunisia ,Qatar ,Libya, UAE.
Graduated in 2012 experience of working under the guidance of high profile architects has contributed to his outstanding architectural designs. With substantial international exposure of working on commercial and residential projects ,his speciality lies in creating cutting edge designs.


Civil Engineer






The office has developed advanced technical skills related to,
i) Construction Detailing,
ii) Building Services and
iii) Contract Administration of projects.
Further, in working on projects abroad the office has had experience with multi-disciplinary project teams made up of consultants from companies from various countries.


Our architectural designers are highly skilled and experienced, allowing schemes to be conceptualized in dynamic, yet legible presentations. The design process can therefore develop swiftly with the precise method of achieving objectives and testing the solutions comprehensively. WINDOWS ENG. CONSULTANTS have done a substantial amount of projects abroad and have skills in achieving the project requirements set. The design architects are backed up by an advanced computer-aided drawing office capable of detailed 3D analysis and presentation.


WINDOWS ENG. CONSULTANTS have developed advanced systems for co-ordination of the projects across all stages of the architect’s service. This ensures that client presentations, design reviews, Technical Documentation, Tendering and Contract Administration are managed to the highest quality standards. Any changes are immediately coordinated through the entire documentation package. It also gives us unprecedented control over the coordination of structure and services when working with consultants using the same platform. 3DS max is used as an architectural visualization tool which allows us to build a 3D environment and create images of each project. Furthermore, impressive video presentations and live walkthroughs are created.